Artist Statement

Whether it’s documenting a place or object, I strive to convey a mood or a sense of timelessness. I want to draw the viewer into these images and get lost in thought. I strive to see beyond what everyone else sees as evident. It’s the “photographer’s eye,” my eye.

Having moved to rural central New Jersey from Manhattan a few years ago, I have had many more opportunities to explore nature with my photography. While I always believed the city was made to be photographed in black and white, I have discovered that the same can be true of more pastoral areas. I have explored this with three new series: “Wetlands,” “Once Upon a Farm,” and “Seen Better Days.”

Although I spent most of my adult life living in New York, (where I admittedly became jaded), I still marvel at the majesty of its skyscrapers. When in the city, I am often “Looking Up”; and that is what I have named my new series of buildings. The glass and steel and the sheer majesty of these structures do fascinate me. They too are depicted in black and white as I still am inspired by the work of Berenice Abbott.

My “Canadian Rockies” series is in both color and black and white. How can one not show Lake Louise in color?

While nature is a major theme in these galleries, I am also captivated by the exquisite design and color of antique and classic cars as found in my “Auto Parts” series. There is something about the distinctive, unique designs and features of these wheeled works of art that draw me in.

Admittedly these galleries are diverse in theme. But so am I! Hoping that you enjoy them.

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